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Mission statement

Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department's Mission Statement

The mission of the Hamilton Fire Department is to provide superior service to the residents of the City of Hamilton and the Hamilton Rural Fire District in an effort to protect their lives, property and environment.

New City Fire Station

New City Fire Station

Located at the corner of
Foxfield St. and Skeels Ave.

Our Stations

Downtown Hamilton

The original station located at 179 S 3rd Street. Established in 1907.

Charlos Heights

Located at 1687 Highway 93 S. Established in


Located at 365 Skalkaho Highway.
Established in 2011.

Brad Mohn – Chief | 1989
Tony Sisson – Asst Chief | 2013
Tyson Woods – Asst Chief | 2010

Jeff Burrows – Captain | 2015
Chris Mayer – Captain | 2004
Travis Walker – Captain | 2006
Beau Rominger – Captain | 2011

Tom Pitzinger | 2003
Brian Adams | 2019
Kenny Allen | 2017
Willie Bolotin | 2019
Don Bratsch | 2017
Zach Campbell | 2020
Robert Duggan | 2011
Reagan Farley | 2016
Matt Foster | 2021
Justin Freeman | 2021
James Kearney | 2021
Joe Kerr | 2004
Jim Kostecki | 2011
Rich Luedecke | 2013
Dan Partney | 2012
Cal Robinson | 2013
Frank Shambles | 2010
Josh Smith | 2023
Brian Taggart | 2007
Michael Fisher | 2024

Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department

Common questions

Ensure you have taken all safety precautions and always have a water source nearby and ready in case it were to get away from you. Always be aware that winds can arrive suddenly and drastically change things. Visit this link to check current burn status and to activate your burn permit. 

While we would love to be available to do this and help everyone out, it’s just not possible to get to everyone. All of the firefighters are volunteers and have to take time away from full time jobs and family so we normally have a waiting list and will try to get to as many as possible to assist.

In Hamilton, like most areas of the country, volunteers can be fully trained and state certified at no expense to the volunteer.


Brad Mohn, Fire Chief

The Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department (HVFD) has been in existence since 1897. We speak of the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department as a single entity, but in reality, it is a combination of two entities working together to bring the best in fire fighting abilities and resources to the residents of Hamilton and the surrounding community. The two entities consist of the City of Hamilton Fire Department and the Hamilton Rural Fire District (HRFD), with the Hamilton Rural Fire District contracting for firefighting services with the City of Hamilton. The HVFD is governed by the City Council of Hamilton, while the HRFD is governed by an elected Board of Trustees consisting of 5 members. The members of the volunteer force and elected officials are strong organizationally and work diligently to maintain a good working relationship between the two organizations for the betterment of firefighting services for the residents of Hamilton and the surrounding community.

The Hamilton Fire Department services an area of approximately 110 square miles with boundaries of Blodgett Creek to the North, Lost Horse Creek to the South, and the Forest Services boundaries to the East and West. Currently, Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department services a population base of over 15,000 residents out of three fire stations: Station #1, the main fire station, located at 247 Foxfield Street. Station #2, the Charlos Heights station, located South of Hamilton at 1687 Highway 93 South. Station 3, the Skalkaho station, is located at 365 Skalkaho Highway.

The core of any volunteer organization is only as good as the volunteers associated with the organization. From the elected officials of the Hamilton Rural Fire District to the firefighters themselves, all members work for the residents of the Hamilton community on a volunteer basis. The volunteer firefighters will consistently answer 250 to 300 emergency calls per year accumulating over 350 hours individually, between fire calls and training. Truly a love for the job, to give up so much personally for the protection of the community in which they serve.

Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department has, since it’s inception, maintained a single engine company consisting of 30 members. Only recently has the Department made the decision to expand it’s membership allowing it to grow, over time, in numbers of firefighters, to stay consistent with the expansion of the population base in Hamilton and Ravalli County, one or the fastest growing Counties in the State of Montana. In addition, the continued growth of the area surrounding the City of Hamilton will, over a ten year period, add two more fire stations to the Hamilton Rural Fire District to help serve the residents and maintain the professionalism which the people of the District have come to expect. Other long-term plans for the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department consist of a 20 year equipment purchase plan, again, to give insight into the needs of the Department well into the future.

It is without question, the strength of the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department comes from the volunteers themselves. It is the dedication of countless hours that allows the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department to maintain the highest level of professionalism. It is organizationally and financially critical to keep the HVFD and the HRFD together; two entities working together as one, towards the common goal of maintaining the highest level of fire protection for the community. And last, but surely not least, to have the support of the residents of Hamilton and the surrounding Community is what gives all those associated with Hamilton Fire the inspiration to go forward and do what we love to do, for the residents of this area.

serving our community

Your Safety First

As much as we take pride in being able to serve the community and help where needed, it’s always better to be prepared rather than having to call 911. There are several things that residents of Hamilton and the Bitterroot Valley can do to be fire safe and prevent accidents. Learn more with the following links:

Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department

Here to Help

Reach out to us. Let us know how we can help you be prepared and ready for when your safety is at risk.


In case of an Emergency

Please Call 9-1-1

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